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Double sided polyester plate for small/mini offset printing.

Key Features

  • Both side coated; lower cost-in-use
  • Special surface coating to prevent finger prints and marks
  • Dimensionally stable with long lasting adhesion properties
  • Superior thermal stability for trouble-free both side printing
  • Compatible with most laser printers for universal application


  • Coating : Double side
  • Print run : 2000 + impressions from each side
  • Shelf life : One year from the date of packing when stored as recommended
  • Baking conditions : 150° C for 45 seconds
  • Available sizes : 216 X 368 (mm), 254 X 381 (mm), 260 X 400 (mm), 305 X 457 (mm)
  • Recommended storage : 20 - 25°C and 50% ± 5% (RH)
Product Description Thickness / Micron Application
100PLP100-2M Polyester Plate 75, 100 Mini Offset Printing

Compatible with all leading brands of laser printers and copiers machine


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